Sunday, June 26, 2011

DreamPower Children's Camp - Friends and Fun!

Things look cool from the back of a horse.

Riding is for princesses.

There's always a helping hand.
Rocky is a rock star.

We learned about what horses eat. (This is a salt block.)
I like riding with friends!
Buddies are the best!

Riding with friends is fun!
Tulips is my favorite horse!

Patches likes to be the center of attention.

Hi, Mom! I'm having fun!
Trigger is just the right size.

It's fun to get creative in arts & crafts.
High five!

Captain Bingo was awesome at his first camp.


Thanks for a great week!
We would like to give special thanks to the Gilroy Assistance League (GALS) for sponsoring this camp; to the South Valley Community Church Youth Group for volunteering as "buddies" and helping with all parts of the camp; to the DreamPower volunteers who make our camp safe and fun; and to our Therapeutic Riding Instructors Garry, Amy and Melissa.  Camp rocks because of you!!