Tuesday, February 8, 2011

National Treasure

DreamPower Horses for Heroes
GWOT Day at the Ranch
January 29, 2011

The Veterans

"I feel as though each one of these vets is a national treasure.  I really do feel that way." 
 --David Haley, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"I can say what I really feel and not worry about your reactions. I can't do that anywhere else."
  --An OEF/OIF veteran

"I had forgotten how safe it feels to be here at this ranch with you guys."
--An OEF/OIF veteran

"I just feel so at home here. It is a safe place for me."
--An OEF/OIF veteran 

"I don't know what you guys do here but I can't shut him up for a day and a half after he's been here. He used to isolate a lot. I now have hope that I will someday get my husband back."
--The wife of an OEF/OIF veteran

"Thank you so much for putting together the Horses for Heroes event. It was the type of relaxing, learning event that I feel is an outstanding alternative to traditional therapy. I look forward to bringing more vets with me the next time this event takes place."
--An OEF/OIF Veteran and Veterans' Center Staff

"Horses for Heroes is a fantastic program for our returning veterans, and a great example of a therapeutic learning environment."
--Educational Researcher, UC Berkeley 
The Staff and Volunteers
 "It was truly inspiring to see you all in action (including of course Red, Two Lips, et al!). Your dedication and caring, combined with your remarkable professional expertise, makes for a wonderful program. Thanks for all the great work you do for and with our veterans."
--Educational Researcher, UC Berkeley

Friends, Fun, Food . . . and Horses!

DreamPower Horses for Heroes events are offered at no cost to veterans and military personnel and their families. These special events and life-saving, life-changing services are made possible through the generous donations of individuals, businesses and organizations who want to say to our vets, "Thank you for your service!"  For more information or to make a donation to DreamPower Horses for Heroes, contact
dreampowerhorsemanship at hotmail dot com.

To all veterans we want to say, "Thank you for your service!" 

Very special thanks to Nathan Trujillo for taking the photos and sharing them with us.  More information about Nathan Trujillo Photography can be found at http://www.flickr.com/people/nathantrujillophotography/.


  1. Awesome write-up and some wonderful words shared. I'm very proud to be a part of a great program involving GREAT people!

  2. What a great program! Thanks for sharing, so inspirational!

  3. Inspirational pics and comments! Thanks for providing this day for the veterans!

  4. These were great tributes to your insightful and respectful way of allowing the horses to do their best work. The way they open people up to remembering joy in life is nothing short of magic. Great Work, Martha and Garry!

  5. Great comments. Where is this located, etc. Thanks Marie A. for sharing.

  6. Take that back, where are the comments/farms originating from?

  7. DreamPower Horsemanship is located in Gilroy, California (US).

  8. What a great place for the vets to come together with their families for the transformation of civilian life. The gift of life after service for husbands, fathers, and sons making so many families complete.

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