Thursday, January 6, 2011

Connecting with "Classy"

Yesterday I received a phone call from Dyan Adinamis. Dyan has been volunteering at DreamPower for the past several months and will be starting as a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern at DreamPower next week. She recently completed her Master's degree at John F. Kennedy University and is now working on hours towards licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

In her phone call, Dyan stated that she would like to sponsor "Classy" for 2011. A horse sponsor covers the routine expenses of a DreamPower horse for one year. I asked Dyan why she had chosen Classy as the horse she would like to sponsor? Dyan said she felt "drawn" to Classy and "felt a connection with her." That sounds like a good reason to me! I asked Dyan to share with you why she has chosen to sponsor Classy for this year, and following is what she wrote.
"'There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.' -Winston Churchill
As a child, my father — a proud veteran of WWII — would often quote Winston Churchill to me - this being my favorite one. Also, this particular quote resonates with my desire to work with horses and humans in a therapeutic context. I have recently joined the DreamPower community as a volunteer, and have been deeply moved by the work they are providing their clients. Additionally, I will be starting as an MFT Intern with DreamPower, and am thrilled at being afforded this opportunity. The past several months of volunteering at Dreampower have been an amazing, powerful, and empowering experience for me. I have been reconnecting with my love of horses spanning from the time I was 5 years old, and my father put me atop one of my uncle’s horses for a ride.

Well, it’s has been many years since I’ve taken riding lessons or even been on a horse, and now through DreamPower I have the chance to start riding again. I have become fond of all the DreamPower horses, yet seem to be drawn to and connected with one horse in particular. Her name is Classy, and I have chosen her to be the first horse I will ride at DreamPower. Furthermore, I would like to sponsor Classy for 2011, and dedicate this sponsorship to the memory of my father, Peter J. Adinamis, who supported my dreams, and who put me atop the first horse I ever rode. And a very special thank-you to Martha McNiel and Garry Stauber for the phenomenal work that you do, and in helping me make my future dreams come true." -Dyan Adinamis.

Thank you, Dyan, for sponsoring Classy for 2011! Our other horse sponsors for this year include the San Martin Lions Club, who have sponsored Rocky for the past three years; the South County Country Dancers, who are sponsoring Tulips; and Juergen and Catherine Ahaus, who are sponsoring Pete. Heartfelt thank-you's to each one of you, for providing for the needs of our wonderful therapy horses for 2011!

If you would like more information about sponsoring one of the DreamPower horses, or one of the mini's, contact Martha at DreamPower.

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